General Travel information not specifically categorised elsewhere.

COVID Travel Regulations (entering France)

This is a reminder to make sure that you comply with all regulations for entry to France for our Montlhéry weekend (and for your return to the UK afterwards). There are several requirements that you must comply with: 1) Having a valid passport (validity dates, etc.) 2) Meeting the current COVID regulations (need for certificates […]

European Phone Roaming Charges

Many will be aware that roaming charges for mobile ‘phones end on the 15th June throughout the EU. This is great news as you will be able to keep your ‘phones on whilst in the EU without incurring additional charges. However, this does not include mobile services whilst travelling to France or Spain by sea as these are […]

To those members travelling across the channel from UK to France for the Le Mans Classic 2016.

We have been advised by P&O Ferries that there are now extra checks being made by the UK Border Agency at the ports.  Although the P&O check in remains open until thirty minutes before departure they recommend that travellers try to arrive one hour before departure.

We have also heard from some members that the Border Agency delays at Dover have not been too bad – but Calais was worse. (But things could obviously change during the week.)

Can we remind you that there are road works on the A20 in central Dover, with the road reduced to a single carriageway.  It is recommended that you approach the port via the A2.  Those of you travelling from London, or via the Dartford crossing would probably use this route anyway, but anyone approaching via the anticlockwise M25 should consider leaving the M20 at junction 7 (signposted to Canterbury) and then follow the signposts to Dover.

See you all at Le Mans