Who are We

VinMog is a French association loi 1901 - a not-for-profit organization whose objects are to uphold, promote and communicate the interests of its members and their families with regard to enjoyment of the Morgan Motor Car.


VinMog came into existence in 2006, formed as an informal group by a small number of expatriate Morgan owners living in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region of France. Since then it has increased in size and members have met on occasions to enjoy a number of gatherings in the surrounding countryside.

More recently, VinMog members decided that they would like to put something back into the Morgan community that, over the years, has given them such pleasure. VinMog therefore formalised its existence in 2015 and become a not-for-profit organisation under the french « loi de 1901 » with the stated objectives of supporting Morgan owners and Morganeering in all its aspects.

How do we raise money?

In order to provide benefits to the Morgan community VinMog needs to be able to raise funds. Whilst we are always open to receiving donations from individuals or organisations, we felt that we could combine fund-raising with the provision of benefits to Morgan owners - a win-win arrangement.

Present & Future Activities

VinMog was extremely fortunate to obtain the services of very knowledgeable travel coordinators who have many years experience in providing customised travel services - in particular for lovers of classic cars.

Because VinMog is a not-for-profit organisation whose organising committee is unpaid, it has very low overheads. All savings are put back into the benefits to members and to the Morgan community at large.

We are organising our first tour as an Association to Le Mans Classic 2016

How do we spend the money?

We can provide help, moral support and assistance to those with a need.
We can provide financial assistance by means of a gift and/or an interest free loan to persons who are using, displaying or racing Morgan motor cars.
We will do any other work considered necessary by the committee to assist Morgan owners and users, which is not covered in the above.