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Update 21 September 2023 - Montlhéry 2024 - booking update

We have now received confirmation that this event is going ahead. We will be contacting those members who have already expressed an interest so that they may confirm their booking. Once we have completed that we will be opening booking to other members.

Please note that booking numbers will be limited this year, so we will be operating a waiting list for any over subscriptions

Booking forms and conditions are available.

VinMog at Le Mans Classic 2023

We are gearing up for Le Mans Classic 2023. Although we do not have all details finalised yet, we  have indicative prices and are taking expressions of interest. You can see our prospectus and register your expression of interest. Booking forms are now available for those who have previously contacted us with their preferences. Please do not complete […]

COVID Travel Regulations (entering France)

This is a reminder to make sure that you comply with all regulations for entry to France for our Montlhéry weekend (and for your return to the UK afterwards). There are several requirements that you must comply with: 1) Having a valid passport (validity dates, etc.) 2) Meeting the current COVID regulations (need for certificates […]

Problèmes 24 & 25 Février / February

Nous devons nous excuser pour les problèmes survenus sur notre site Web ces deux derniers jours. Il s'agissait simplement d'une défaillance matérielle, bien qu'importante, qui a nécessité le remplacement complet de notre serveur et de ses disques de stockage. Ce remplacement a pris plusieurs heures et depuis, le système récupère le site web et les e-mails.

Soyez assurés que cette panne n'est en aucun cas le résultat d'un piratage ou d'une attaque contre notre serveur.

Tous les dossiers d'adhésion et les réservations d'événements sont conservés hors ligne sur d'autres ordinateurs qui n'ont pas été affectés par la panne matérielle et rien n'a donc été compromis.

Nous ne pensons pas avoir perdu les e-mails qui nous ont été envoyés pendant la panne de notre service.

Néanmoins, si vous nous avez écrit au cours des deux derniers jours et que vous craignez que nous ne l'ayons pas vu, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter.

We must apologise for the problems with our website over the past two days, This was simply a hardware failure, albeit a big one that required the complete replacement of our server and its storage disks. That alone took several hours and since then the system has been recovering the website and email.

Please be assured that this was most definitely not the result of any hack or attack against our server.

All membership records and event bookings are held off-line on other computers that have not been affected by the hardware failure and so nothing has been compromised.

We don't believe that we have lost any email sent to us whilst our service has been down.

Nevertheless, if you have written to us during the past couple of days and have any concerns that we might not have seen it, please do get in touch.