COVID Travel Regulations (entering France)

This is a reminder to make sure that you comply with all regulations for entry to France for our Montlhéry weekend (and for your return to the UK afterwards).

There are several requirements that you must comply with:

1) Having a valid passport (validity dates, etc.)

2) Meeting the current COVID regulations (need for certificates and declarations)

3) Carrying relevant motoring paperwork and accessories (‘UK’ sticker, V5, Insurances, hi-vis jackets, etc., etc.)

As regulations have changed several times post Brexit and during the COVID pandemic, anything we say could easily change between now and our trip, so we must refer you to the government websites for what is required when you travel.

1) The starting point is the UK government website

and then the French government website

You should also receive guidance from whichever organisation you are using to cross the channel.

2) As far as COVID certificates are concerned, you can obtain these in either electronic or paper form from the NHS, but they are valid only for a maximum of 30 days at a time.

Guidance on COVID regulations can be found on the following website

3) Regulations for driving in France have also changed; in particular the need to display a “UK”: sticker and not “GB". The current regulations can be found on any of the main motoring organisation sites or from your ferry company. e.g.

Please ensure that you are fully compliant with all necessary regulations as if you are refused entry your travel insurance may not cover you.