Monthly archives: April 2018


Nous avons commandé de nouveaux insignes de notre événement au Mans en juillet. Le design est présenté ici avec la voiture disponible dans les couleurs vert, rouge, bleu ou noir. On va avoir également un nombre limité disponible non coloré en Nickel. Les badges sont au prix de 45 € .
Si vous voudriez acheter un de ces insignes, faites-le nous savoir ().

We have ordered new badges for our event at Le Mans in July. The design is as shown here with the car available in the following colours: Green, Red, Blue or Black. We will also have limited numbers available uncoloured in Nickel. The badges are priced at £35.

If you are interested in having one of these badges, please let us know () so.

For those members not resident in France and who might be planning on bringing their cars over either for a VinMog event or on their own, we have put together a summary of French motoring law as it is at the current time (April 2018).

Please note the many small (and not so small) difference between French law and your own domestic motoring law.

Our notes must not be considered definitive, so you should always satisfy yourselves that you understand the current law as it applies in whatever country you may be driving to or through.

Le prochain VRM aura lieu le weekend du 11 et 12 mai 2019, et il sera très spécial pour les amoureux des MORGAN puisqu'il fêtera le centenaire de la première MORGAN, ainsi que le centenaire de l'importation des MORGAN par DARMONT avant que ce dernier les assemble dans la banlieue parisienne.
Pour plus de détails ou pour manifester votre intérêt, veuillez consulter notre page de Montlhéry 2019.

The next event – on the weekend of 11 & 12 May 2019 will be extra special for everyone that likes Morgans. The event will celebrate the 110 years since the first Morgan took to the road – and, as this is in France, also the one hundred years since Darmont started importing Morgans, and a little later started assembling them at their factory on the outskirts of Paris.
For further details or to register your interest please see our Montlhéry 2019 page.