Monthly archives: February 2017

For those wishing to travel Newhaven to Dieppe (& vice versa) there is a 20% discount available to over 60's.

This discount is available all year round, but you must book in person by telephone.

The contact numbers are: UK freephone 0800 917 1201 or France 0800 650 100.

22 November 2021

We have been advised that the number you need to call DFDS to book ferries and get the senior citizens discount has changed.

It is now:      033 05 87 87 87

Please be aware that the French Clean Air (CRIT'Air) Act that introduced air protection zones is now fully in force in a number of French cities.

We are providing the key points on a special page.

This act applies to ALL vehicles, domestic and foreign, that might wish to enter the greater Paris area. Unapproved vehicles may not enter the zone between 8 am and 8 pm from Monday to Friday inclusive.

To enter the zone a vehicle must display on its windscreen an appropriate vignette. Only vehicles displaying a Crit'Air Vignette are allowed to enter into this area. Other vehicles found in the zone will be subject to penalties.

Vehicles with a first registration date before 1st January 1997 cannot obtain a Crit'Air Vignette.

Just to let everyone know that VinMog is now funding MogTalk. We are very pleased that we have been able to come to this arrangement as it will ensure Mogtalk's future and independence going forward.

Bill Noble will continue as a moderator and we'd like to take this opportunity to thank him for all the work he does for MogTalk.

You can join Mogtalk and please note that you do not have to be a member of VinMog to do so.