How do I make a payment

Q: How can I make a payment? We prefer payment by Direct Credit (commonly known as Faster Payment or BACS), or you may send us a Cheque We have both euro & sterling accounts so that you need not incur currency conversion charges on your payment. In order to keep the costs to you as low […]

I have a problem logging in

Q: How can I log-in? If you are having difficulty logging into our site, please check the following: Login accounts are provided only to paid-up members. If you have only just applied for membership, please be patient until your payment receipt has been reconciled with your application.  You will then receive the following information: A ‘Welcome’ letter is sent […]

Family or group memberships

Q: Does VinMog offer family or group membership? No, we are unable to offer family or group memberships (although individual membership is only 10 € per year). Persons under 18 years of age do not need to become members and may join in with VinMog activities as long as they are accompanied by a member. You […]

Must I be a Member

Q: Must I be a member to join an Event? Yes. As an Association registered under the French « loi de 1901 » Vinmog is allowed to organise occasional events but these are for the benefit of and restricted to members. You can of course become a member by applying here.