I have a problem logging in

Q: How can I log-in?

If you are having difficulty logging into our site, please check the following:

  • Login accounts are provided only to paid-up members. If you have only just applied for membership, please be patient until your payment receipt has been reconciled with your application.  You will then receive the following information:
  • A 'Welcome' letter is sent by email to all new members. It contains a membership number and account username. Please ensure you are using the correct username to log in.
  • Following the Welcome letter, our system will send you a 'password reset' message with a link that you must follow to activate your account. (You may at any time generate a similar reset message yourself from a login screen by clicking on 'Lost Password?')
  • The password reset page asks for you to enter either your account ID or email address. Many people use shared email addresses; in this case please use ONLY your ID to reset your password. When an email is shared, the system cannot know which account to reset if you use your email and this can result in confusion.
  • Every page EXCEPT the Home page, has a login section at the bottom left corner.
  • If you continue to have problems please contact us and we will help you.