It is our goal to maintain the highest standards of ethics, professionalism and business conduct as well as ensure that we act in strict compliance with the law at all times. We will not tolerate any behaviour or practice that compromises our integrity or honesty. All decisions will be fair and based on transparent processes.


Since we aim to maintain high ethical standards in carrying out our business activities, practices of any sort that are incompatible with our principles and policies will not be tolerated. Strict adherence to these principles and supporting policies is a condition of membership. The Committee has overall responsibility for ensuring compliance with the objectives of this policy

Independence and Objectivity

We are committed to being fair, transparent and impartial in all of our dealings and our members are expected to exhibit specific standards of behaviour, namely:

  • All members are required to act in a way that is unbiased, and they must not be subject to any influence which may lead them to act in a way which favours any particular person or organisation.
  • Other than any payments made by us, members may not directly or indirectly accept any form of payment or material benefit from third parties for services they perform on behalf of us.
  • All members are required to declare in writing any financial or personal interest, direct or indirect, in another company which is either a supplier to or a competitor of us.