Protecting Business Assets

All members are required to avoid waste and extravagance and are encouraged to identify improvements to systems and procedures to achieve optimal effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness.

All members are expected to follow agreed procurement procedures when commissioning third party services. They are also bound by our Business Expenses Policy when incurring business expenses which will be paid or reimbursed by us.

Our assets and funds may only be used for the legitimate charitable purposes of the organisation (see Statutes).

Suppliers, Advisors and Agents

We aim to develop relationships with our suppliers, advisors and agents based on mutual trust and shared values. Therefore:

  • All members will conduct business with suppliers, advisors and agents in a professional manner.
  • We will pay our suppliers, advisers and agents on time and according to agreed terms.
  • As far as is practicable, we will engage with our business partners on matters relating to corporate responsibility.


We will:

  • Compete in a lawful manner.
  • Not seek to damage the reputation of competitors, either directly or by implication or innuendo.
  • Avoid discussing proprietary or confidential information in any contacts with competitors.
  • Not attempt to acquire information regarding a competitor’s business by unlawful means, including industrial espionage, hiring competitors’ employees to obtain confidential information, urging competitors’ employees, clients or occupiers to disclose confidential information, or any other approach that is not above board.