Route Maps for MLY24

The following route maps provide some basic guidance from various channel ports to the Hotel Novotel at Évry-Courcouronnes. You may, of course, determine your own route. These routes are not necessarily the quickest or shortest, but are intended to be relatively straightforward to follow.

Please note the following:

  1. Depending upon the time of day and traffic conditions, you should allow around 4 driving hours for the journey.
  2. These routes may involve sections of toll; UK credit cards are accepted.
  3. If you choose to plan your own route, bear in mind:
    1. All ferry origins are north of Paris and the destination is just south of Paris. As a result most route planners will by default plot a route that will take you via Paris or at least pass within the Parisian low-emission zone.
    2. If you do not have a compliant car (most traditional Morgans are not compliant) or you do not have an appropriate Crit'Air vignette for the zone, you are not allowed into the zone.
    3. The CA zone does not operate like the TfL Low Emission Zone which simply charges for entry. Entering the Crit'Air zone without a vignette on display will result in a fine of up to 180 € (£155)
  4. At the destination, the Novotel has two entrances. Most map software will guide you to the 'wrong' entrance. The entrance you need to use is off the D446 and will be marked with a VinMog flag. Do not go to the entrance on the 'Rue de la Mare Neuve'.

To Hotel Novotel

The following are maps from the Novotel to the circuit and back again.

The Hotel Novotel has two entrances and most route planners will direct you to their official address which, unfortunately, is not the normal entrance for guests staying at the hotel and is often closed. The maps above have been set to take you to the correct address off the D446. If you are planning your own route, please ensure that you select the correct entrance. The following reference points may be of help.

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  • What3Words (english)