Route Maps for LMC23

The following maps are intended to provide some guidance for members travelling from the UK to Le Mans Classic 2023. These routes are intended to be straightforward to follow; they use major roads and may incur tolls. You may, of course, choose any route to your destination.

These maps have been produced in sections depending upon the means used to cross the Channel, and the destination Hotel. Please download (and print if required) those sections relevant to your itinerary.

The following are maps from the hotels to the circuit and back again, but these should be treated with some caution.

There will be extensive road closures around the circuit and whilst the following have been produced with the best current information available, the situation might change and so local signs and instructions must always be followed.

Because the Hotel Arbor has its main entrance on the Mulsanne straight (D338), it is not possible to use that entrance once the roads are closed (usually from early Friday morning). Instead an alternative rear entrance must be used, but this private entrance is not known to most SatNav systems. One of the following reference points should be used instead if using a satnav system

  • La Closerie, approaching from its junction with the D140TER
  • What3Words (français)
  • What3Words (english)
  • Latitude / longitude