Hôtel Hermitage, Montreuil-sur-Mer

We first saw this hotel when it was being developed inside the walls of a Maison Dieu. They really are one of the most car friendly hotels we know; in fact they specialise in Classic Car Events which you can check out when you visit their website.

We have twice booked all 57 rooms in the hotel for 2 nights for ‘Morgan’ events and other Morgan groups both Continental and British have based groups there.

The rooms and facilities are good and the parking safe for your cars ( parking is covered by 24 hour CCTV ).

  • VinMog members may take advantage of a very special rate - just contact the Hotel and ask for the special VinMog rate.  You must contact the hotel directly ( by either telephone or e-mail ) and not via any agency or internet hotel booking service.
  • Their telephone number is 03 21 06 74 74. If you are calling from outside of France it is +33 3 21 06 74 74.  We would like to mention for the benefit of our English members that the staff all speak very good English.  If you prefer to contact them by e-mail, their direct e-mail address is moc.l1563359935iuert1563359935nom-e1563359935gatim1563359935reh@t1563359935catno1563359935c1563359935.

If you are going along with a group on a special tour and have a rally plaque, please take one along for ‘Eric’ the barman. He has a large collection behind the bar. Once you’ve met Eric you’ll realise why he is a special friend.

If you are travelling via Calais or Zeebrugge, Montreuil is an excellent stop over on your way. It is just an hour south of Calais and within easy reach of ferries and the Tunnel.

Montreuil is a pretty walled town so try and leave time to look around. It has a wide choice of bars and restaurants.

It is about 15 minutes south of the chic resort of Le Touquet Plage where there is another hotel owned by the same group, the Red Fox.