Will the forms work on my computer

Ces formulaires sont conçus pour être complété sur votre ordinateur et envoyées par courriel.

Vous devrez utiliser Adobe Acrobat. Si vous n’avez pas ce logiciel sur votre ordinateur, vous pouvez le télécharger gratuitement auprès d’Adobe.

Lorsque vous aurez rempli le formulaire, vous devrez accepter les conditions et nous envoyer le formulaire en appuyant sur le gros bouton rouge. Le formulaire sera envoyé en utilisant votre email normal. Une copie de votre formulaire de réservation est conservée avec vos autres e-mails envoyés. Nous valider votre formulaire et ensuite confirmer sa réception.

Si vous utilisez « Aperçu » sur un ordinateur Macintosh, le formulaire peut être rempli, mais le bouton de soumission automatique ne fonctionnera pas ; vous devrez sélectionner manuellement « Envoyer le document PDF par e-mail » dans le menu PDF dans le coin inférieur gauche du dialogue Imprimer dans Aperçu pour le formulaire être lisible par nos soins.

These forms are designed to be completed on your computer and sent by email.

You can do this if you have Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have this software on your computer you can download it for free from Adobe.

You should save the form and then open the saved form by right clicking and choosing 'open with' and choose Adobe Reader DC. This will enable you to complete the form and if they use outlook when they press red button (should we say Big Red Box as some people asked where the button was) it will automatically put it in their out box complete with attachment.

When you have completed the form, you will need to agree the conditions and send the form to us by pressing on the big red button. The form will be sent to us using your normal email. A copy of your booking form will be retained with your other sent emails. We will validate your form and then confirm its receipt.

If you use 'Preview' on a Macintosh, the form can be filled in, but the automatic submission button will not work; you will need to manually select "Mail PDF" from the PDF menu at the bottom left-hand corner of the print dialogue within Preview for the form to be readable by us.

3: If they don’t use outlook as their email program, when filled in, save it again and attach it to their normal email system and send it to .

I have attached a pdf help file which I made while trying to sort through the problem. One point I couldn’t check out was after pressing the red button a second window opens saying 'send using outlook or send using webmail, a choice to select' because we use outlook it defaulted to that. But talking with Terry he didn’t get this option. As we have repeatedly said it's all to do with the different systems and software. So we have to find a simple alternative for using the pdf booking form rather than a word document. Maybe that’s going to be save - fill in - save and attach to an email sent to travel @vinmog.fr . or print - fill in by hand - scan and send by email or just post it.